Facilities & Rates

Welcome to the 2021 Camping Season

Standard camp fees are for two adults and children under age 18. NO MORE THAN FOUR ADULTS PER SITE. 

Extra adults are allowed to register per site for an extra $10.00 per night for the entire camping stay only. 

All guests and visitors must register at camp office as required by law. Trepassers will be immediately escorted off the property. 

Transient sites can have  up to FOUR visitors.

Daytime visitors must leave by 9:00pm!

PET POLICY: We must have proof of vaccinations upon check in at the camp store. 

  Daytime Visitor Registered extra adult for the entire camp registration per day/night, up to four adults per site
Per Person $5.00 $10.00
Per Person Holidays $10.00 $20.00

All camper and visitor cars must have a pass affixed to their rearview mirror at all times.